TV and Children

TV exposes children to different countries cultures and ideas. TV is easier and more efficient media to get information than newspapers, books and so on. Certainly, a part of the information has a bad influence on children. For example, there are violence programs, false pictures of human relations and so on. However, the present world changes very rapidly. In order not to be late for the time, it is very important to collect information as fast as possible. For children, bad program must be regulated by some way, but we should not prohibit children from watching TV at all.


Smaller World

  The world seems to be getting smaller for several reasons. There are four reasons.

  First, IT is developing recently. For example, when you contract with people in other countries, it cost more than a week by paper mail, but it cost a moment by e-mail.

  Next, the development of transport also makes the world smaller. For instance, a hundred years ago, it took three weeks from Japan to the United States by ship. However, now, it takes only eight hours by airplane.

  Third, an alliance among countries is surprising reason. It makes the international communication more active. For example, EU (Europe Union) is the greatest alliance in the world, and people in Europe are becoming the same “Europeans”. Finally, the most important reason is globalization. Globalization is that many cultures and economies become the same. For example, English was just the language of Anglo Saxon people in the old times, but it is the most important common language now. So people in the world have become been closely related.

  That is why the world is getting smaller recently.